• Welcome to New Teacher Orientation at QSI Shenzhen!

    Welcome! A good place to start is by reviewing QSI's mission statement...


    QSI Logo

    Virtually every five year old comes to school eager to learn. The mission of Quality Schools International (QSI) is to keep this urge to learn alive in every child in QSI schools. Our schools are established to provide in the English language a quality education for students in the cities we serve. These students are the children of parents of many nationalities who have come to a foreign country, usually for a limited stay of a year or more. Some students are permanent residents, citizens of the host country.

    Our schools follow a logical model of education which measures success by the accomplishments and attitudes of our students. We believe that all of our students can succeed, that their successes encourage them to continue in a pattern of success, and that it is the schools' responsibility to provide the conditions for success. These conditions include i) developing clear statements in measurable terms of what the student will do to demonstrate mastery of learning, ii) providing the time and resources needed for each student to attain mastery, and iii) ensuring that students engage in learning at a level which is challenging and yet a level for which each student has the prerequisite skills necessary for success.

    We believe in providing an aesthetically pleasing physical surrounding under the charge of a caring staff who believe their students will be successful, and who use time with the students as a resource for learning rather than as a boundary condition to determine when a unit of learning begins and ends. We believe in providing resources such as books, learning materials, and educational technology. In the world today children need to become proficient in the use of computers and related technology as tools to accomplish a myriad of tasks.

    Finally we believe in working with parents to encourage our students to adopt qualities of living which lead to success long after formal schooling has ended. These include universally accepted "success orientations" of trustworthiness, kindness/politeness, responsibility, independent endeavor, concern for others, group interaction, and aesthetic appreciation.

    Another great place to start is with the "Frequently Asked Questions" forum! 


    You may already have burning questions to ask about living or working here, so at any time during this orientation you want to post a question, please do so in the "Frequently Asked Questions" forum.  

    The current teachers and admin who are joining us in the NTO course will try to answer these questions on a weekly basis.  

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    Introduction to QSI Shenzhen's Admin Team

    Get to know the 2018-19 Administrative Team at QSI Shenzhen by reading about them below.

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    Week One: Welcome!

    We want to get to know more about you as you prepare to join our school community.

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    Week Two: QSI Past to Present

    From Yemen to former Soviet satellites to Djibouti, learn more about how QSI started, where Mastery Learning emerged, and what QSI is today.

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    Week Three: Local Culture

    Your new home: Shekou, Shenzhen, and China.

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    Week Four: QSI Shenzhen Culture

    Shenzhen: QSI's largest school and its 4 campuses.

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    Week Five: Understanding of Assessments

    We all know that effective teaching hinges on effective assessment.  What are the major ways in which a QSI Shenzhen teacher assesses student learning?

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    Week Six: We Heart Technology

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    Week Seven: All Teachers Teach Intensive English

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    Week Eight: Course Wrap Up

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