• Unit Statement:  The student will learn how to describe work, including the working environment, schedule, major responsibilities and organization.


    Essential Outcomes:  (assessed for mastery)

    1. TSW read and write key words related to summer internships. (Interpretive reading and presentational writing)


    实 习 /internship   镇 /town  政 府 /government   实 习 生 /intern    一 般 /general   各 种 各 样 /all kinds    试 /try   以 上 /above   礼 堂 /auditorium   毕 业 /graduation    典 礼 /ceremony    迎 送 /greet and welcome    招 待 会 /reception    人 员 /staff     联 系 /contact    组 织  /organization    主 要 /main    放 假 /have a vacation holiday    日 历 /calendar


    1. TSW become more attuned to his/her personal interactions with the text. (Interpretive reading)


    3.  TSW describe narrate future events, use the words explain the job. (Communicative)

    4.  TSW learn to read “volunteers needed” ad from a Chinese website or around anyplace. (Presentational speaking)

    5.  TSW recognize some words about working place, co-workers, schedule and major responsibilities. (Interpretive listening/reading)

    6. TSW self-select and read level- appropriate literature independently for at least 60minuts per week.(Interpretive reading)


    Introduced /Practiced Outcomes

    1.  TSW fill out information on a post to ask people to be volunteering. (Presentational writing)

    2.  TSW looking for a job for their summer vacation from a Chinese websites. (Interpretive reading)

    3.  TSW making a job interview with the school office. (Interpretive listening & Culture)


    Required Texts and Materials

    1. HUANYING, an invitation to Chinese, volume 2: textbook, workbook part 2/2, and teacher’s book part2/2.   
    2. Chinese Readers Orange level: Daily Routine
    3. Chinese Readers Blue level: I like to… 



    Suggested Materials:

    1. Easy Step to Chinese textbook 3/workbook 3: see unit 2 lesson 5 Occupations, textbook 4/workbook4: see unit 1 lesson 2 Occupations.
    2. Online resources related
    3. Flash cards  
    4. Job video


    Suggested Assessment Tools and Strategies:

    1. Any appropriate teacher-created or teacher-selected materials.
    2. Any appropriate online resources and websites.(http://my.cheng-tsui.com/huanying)
    3. Make a trip going to one’s company.


    Summer PlansBookstore and dictionary