• Unit Statement:  The student will learn about summer camp in China. Know how to describe in some detail an academic program. Understand a simple description of an academic program. Can make their own summer plans and write down information.


    Essential Outcomes:  (assessed for mastery)

    1. TSW read and write key words related to summer camp and summer school. (Interpretive reading and presentational writing)


    计 划 /plan  夏 令 营 /summer camp  知 识 /knowledge  动 漫 /animated cartoon  住 校 /live on camp   没 劲 /it’s boring   费 用 /cost  报 名 /register   热 线 /hotline  其 他 /other 传真/fax 暑 期 /summer vacation  高 考 /college entrance  必 要 /necessity  当 然 /of course  极 了 /extremely  天 才/genius   口 语 /spoken language  听 力 /listening skills  语 法 /grammar  考 题 /exam item  分 析 /analysis


    .Extended word list:打 工/work  替 /substitute  助 手/assistant   碰 见 /run into  邻 居 /neighbor  兴 趣 /interest 工 资 /wage  度 假 /spend vacation

    1. TSW read words on the school recruitment poster. (Interpretive reading)


    3.  TSW describe common narrate future events such as popular summer activities: camping, swimming, and making handicrafts, animated cartoon class, and soccer club. (Communicative)

    4.  TSW describe and make a post about summer school events: different classes, learning, practicing, exam item. (Presentational speaking and writing)

    5.  TSW recognize some words from school post, understand a simple program. (Interpretive listening/reading)

    6.  TSW self-select and read level- appropriate literature independently for at least 60minuts per week.(Interpretive reading)



    Introduced /Practiced Outcomes

    1.  TSW write down their own summer plans on the poster.(Presentational writing)

    2.  TSW read the other school’s recruitment poster and explain the detail. (Interpretive reading)

    3.  TSW understand the meaning with “college exam preparatory programs” pop up everywhere.(Interpretive listening & Culture)


    Required Texts and Materials

    1. HUANYING, an invitation to Chinese, volume 2: textbook, workbook part 2/2, and teacher’s book part2/2.   
    2. Chinese Readers Level Five:  Planning a trip to the mountains.
    3. Chinese Readers Purple level: My school year.



    Suggested Materials:

    1. Easy Step to Chinese textbook 4/workbook 4: see unit 3 lesson 9 School Events, unit 5 lesson 14 Travelling.
    2. Online resources related
    3. Flash cards



    Suggested Assessment Tools and Strategies:

    1. Any appropriate teacher-created or teacher-selected materials.
    2. Any appropriate online resources and websites.(http://my.cheng-tsui.com/huanying)
    3. Write summer plans on the poster.



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