• Unit Statement:  The student will learn how to name major body parts, Describe common symptoms of illnesses and simple injuries, Understand instructions about when and how to take a medicine.


    Essential Outcomes:  (assessed for mastery)

    1. TSW read and write key words related to sick, doctor and hospital. (Interpretive reading and presentational writing)


    摔 倒/fall down,受伤/injured,担心/worry,撞/collide,坏/bad,疼/ache,检查/examination,除了…以外/apart from,骨头/bone,照X光/take an X ray,舒服/comfortable,麻烦/trouble,感冒/cold,如果/if,陪/accompany,医务所/clinic,鼻涕/nasal discharge,打喷嚏/sneeze,发烧/have a fever,咳嗽/cough,药/medicine,勺/spoon,季节/season,得病/get sick,结果/outcome,严重/serious,修/repair,厉害severe,嗓子/throat,眼睛eye,鼻子/nose,嘴/mouth,耳朵/ear,手/hand,脚/foot,头/head


    1. TSW read the dialogue and learn the body parts words, read a hospital sign and each room’s sign. (Interpretive reading)


    3.  TSW describe symptoms of an illness. (Communicative)

    4.  TSW describe if people don’t feel well how to talk with the doctor.(Presentational speaking)

    6.  TSW understand instructions about when and how to take a medicine. (Presentational speaking)

    7.  TSW recognize some words from illness, medicine and hospital. (Interpretive listening/reading)

    8.  TSW self-select and read level- appropriate literature independently for at least 60minuts per week.(Interpretive reading)


    Introduced /Practiced Outcomes

    1.  TSW fill out name of body parts on the paper.(Presentational writing)

    2.  TSW read a dialogue about between doctor and patient. (Interpretive reading)

    3.  TSW understand the meaning of some Chinese medicine and illness when they are heard. (Interpretive listening & Culture)


    Required Texts and Materials

    1. HUANYING, an invitation to Chinese, volume 2: textbook, workbook part 2/2, and teacher’s book part2/2.   
    2. Chinese Readers level Three: Dragon’s body
    3. Chinese Readers Brown level: Seeing The Doctor
    4. Chinese Readers Green level:  You Are So Annoying.



    Suggested Materials:

    1. Step by step level B Stomach ache, You have a cold, How can it be.
    2. Easy Step to Chinese textbook 2/workbook 2: see unit 2 lesson 6 Sickness. Textbook3/workbook3:  see unit1 lesson 3 seeing a doctor.
    3. Online resources related.
    4. Flash cards and hospital pictures.



    Suggested Assessment Tools and Strategies:

    1. Any appropriate teacher-created or teacher-selected materials.
    2. Any appropriate online resources and websites.(http://my.cheng-tsui.com/huanying)
    3. Performance a play as in the hospital.


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