• Unit StatementThe student will learn how to name the special goods needed for celebrating the Spring Festival. Know Chinese New Year is the most important traditional holiday in China and the people how to celebration.


    Essential Outcomes:  (assessed for mastery)

    1.      TSW read and write key words related to special purchases for the spring festival. (Interpretive reading and presentational writing)


    /crowded    人 山 热 海/a sea of people   年 货 /special purchases for the Spring Festival   年 糕 /New Year cake   平 时 usually    味 道 /taste  美 好 /happy   举 办 /hold  发 财 /get rich    前 来 /come   春 节 /the Chinese New Year   发 财 树 /a real tree that symbolizes good fortune for the new year    年 夜 饭 /dinner on New Year’s Eve     放 爆 竹 /light firecrackers       拜 年 /pay a New Year visit    贴 春 联 /post Spring Festival couplets on door panels    聚 会 /get together


    2.      TSW read words on the sale sign and understand the sale sign. (Interpretive reading)


    3.  TSW describe where they go shopping and what the special goods is. (Communicative)

    4.  TSW write a shopping list on the post or order the things from a Chinese website. (Presentational speaking and writing)

    5.  TSW describe a shopping experience. (Presentational Speaking)

    6.  TSW name the special goods needed for celebrating the Spring Festival. (Interpretive reading)

    7.  TSW self-select and read level- appropriate literature independently for at least 60minuts per week.(Interpretive reading)



    Introduced /Practiced Outcomes

    1.  TSW write a special goods for Chinese New Year on the post.  (Presentational writing& Culture)

    2.  TSW Understand a sales sign in the supermarket. (Interpretive reading)

    3.  TSW understand the meaning of some Chinese idioms when they are heard. (Interpretive listening & Culture)


    Required Texts and Materials

    1.      HUANYING, an invitation to Chinese, volume 2: textbook, workbook part 2/2, and teacher’s book part2/2.   

    2.      Chinese Readers level Six: Chinese New Year Food.

    3.      Chinese Readers Green level:  China’s Festivals.

    4.      Chinese Readers Red level:   Chinese Dragons,  The Legend Of Nian



    Suggested Materials:

    1.      I Can Read : Spring Festival,  Chinese New Year Cruise.

    2.      Easy Step to Chinese textbook 3/workbook 3: see unit 4 lesson 12 Eating Out

    3.      Online resources related

    4.      Flash cards and  pictures

    5.      The video about Chinese New Year

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