• Unit StatementThe student will use words related to shopping to communicate with others when going shopping.


    Essential Outcomes:  (assessed for mastery)

    1.      TSW read and write key words related to shopping. (Interpretive reading and presentational writing)


       购 物 /buy things, 百 货 公 司 /department store, 商 店 /shop, /to form an adverb, 指 南 /guide, 直 接 /directly, 过 去 /pass 天 地 /world ,外 衣 /outwear, 进 去 /enter, 样 子/style, /short, /leg, 手臂/arm, 漂亮/beautiful, 号/size of clothing,大小/size,合适/fitting,百/hundred,打折/discount,付/pay,一共/total,特价/sale price,帽子/hat,手套/glove,围巾/scarf,顶/for a hat,袜子/sock,破/broken,校服/school uniform,裙子/skirt,肥/fat,瘦/skinny,过来/come over,裤子/pants,衬衣/shirt,出去/go out,酷/

    2.      TSW read words on the sale sign and understand the sale sign and advertisement. (Interpretive reading)


    3.  TSW describe common clothing items including color, size, style and correct measure words. (Communicative)

    4.  TSW describe the places where they go shopping orally and verbally. (Presentational speaking and writing)

    6.  TSW recognize some words from shopping center advertisements, brochures, or shopping directory. (Interpretive listening/reading)

    7.  TSW self-select and read level- appropriate literature independently for at least 60minuts per week.(Interpretive reading)


    Introduced /Practiced Outcomes

    1.  TSW fill out information on a list and found information card on stationery. (Presentational writing)

    2.  TSW check the prices for their shopping list from a Chinese websites. (Interpretive reading)

    3.  TSW understand the meaning of some Chinese idioms when they are heard. (Interpretive listening & Culture)


    Required Texts and Materials

    1.      HUANYING, an invitation to Chinese, volume 2: textbook, workbook part 2/2, and teacher’s book part2/2.   

    2.      Chinese Readers level Three: My pencil Case

    3.      Chinese Readers Green level: Shopping in the supermarket,   shopping for clothes.

    4.      Chinese Readers Orange level: My wardrobe, Food.

    5.      Chinese Readers level Five:  Strolling in the night market

    6.      Chinese Readers level Four:  Lily goes window shopping.


    Suggested Materials:

    1.      My First Stories – Nature: Dr. DouDou’s toy Store

    2.      Easy Step to Chinese textbook 3/workbook 3: see unit 4 lesson 10 Fresh market.

    3.      Online resources related

    4.      Flash cards and pictures

    5.      Make a big shopping list on the post.

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