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    Welcome students to connections. Check-in with students using a question format-feel free to use this question or choose one of your own. "Would you rather have unlimited international first class ticket or never have to pay for food at restaurants? Give every student a chance to answer. 

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    This is a team building, relational strengths exercise. 1. Each connections group will work together to design and create their own group pennant. 2. The pennant must include a group name, group symbol(s), whatever else that makes your group stand out. 3. Can use different materials to decorate the pennant, but it must fit on the pennant as it will be hung up in the foyer. 4. Both sides of the pennant must be used. 5. Your pennant is due September 13th. After today you will only have 2 other connection group times to complete this task. If you need some supplies from the art department, please give them notice beforehand, so they can have it ready for you to pick up on Wednesday morning. They will give you what they can, but understand their supply is limited and please return supplies back to them in the same manner you got them. Asking them for supplies on the day of is too late as they have connections group to work with.



    12's & 13 Connection/Engage Student ListConnections 9/6/2017