• Hello Advisors,

    Thursday is career day on main campus. So to get students to start exploring their interests, I have included a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. I think it is a fun way for kids to see the type of personality they may be as well as the different type of careers that correspond to different types of personality. You can do it too. You may need to help explain some of the words on the test to help some students make a more accurate decision about themselves. There are numbers (1-5) that go with each answer. All they do is add up their numbers in each part to get their score.

    Once they have completed the test and looked it over, create some discussion. Here are some discussion questions:

    Did the test get your personality type? Is it a true representation of you? What about the careers it shows? Are the careers you are interested in fit your personality based on the test?  

    Once they are done looking over their personality test, have them turn it back into you as they will need it for tomorrows career day advisory first period.

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