• Dear Teachers,

    For today’s connection group we are going to watch a video and simulate it in our classroom. We are asking our students to be leaders/role models for our younger students, it would be good to show them how to do that-how to speak, to smile, make conversation, interact with younger students…be the positive role models they can be come Friday for QSI go.


    How do we get our 12’s and 13’s to talk and create conversation? They are smart enough, maybe they are just needing encouragement from you. Let them watch the video and after the video have two chairs in the middle of the room for two students to sit and ask questions…you can use the questions from the video or create some of your own. The object of this activity is to have our students talk to each other and get to know each other or at least figure out their fear of talking. This is about empathy and concern for others and caring for each other. Have two students talk for about 2 minutes to each other answering a question and another two students can try after until everyone has an opportunity to work on their conversation skills. They are going to be leading the groups on Friday, let’s give them encouragement and the skills to lead.


    Video to play


    Reflection: What is making you afraid to help lead a group of students? If you are not afraid what are you doing to not be afraid? That may help your fellow peers when leading for QSI go. 

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