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    Make sure the following is completed in order to check out with your DI on June 16th Saturday at 11 AM...last workday of the school year!

    CHECK OUT: Make sure you start your check out procedure by checking into . You will need to cut and paste the web address.

    PROFILE PIC: Check your Microsoft account and Moodle account should have your profile picture uploaded. It must be your picture so parents can recognize you.

    NARRATIVES: Start working on narratives. For the last quintile, please type all of the narratives in a word document and send to your DI so we can read in word format. DO NOT UPLOAD BEFORE SENDING WORD DOC FOR REVIEW. Once we review and approve, you can start to upload by cutting and pasting from the word doc to the narrative management system. Submit narratives in word format by May 28th. That gives DI's time to review in a couple days. Once approved, you can cut and paste into the narrative program by June 1st. Make sure you include suggestions for summer work/projects that are tailored to the students' individual needs.

    SUCCESS ORIENTATION NOMINATIONS: Make sure to have your success nomination evaluations completed by May 30th

    STUDENT MASTERY LEARNING PORTFOLIO: It is expected at QSI that a student portfolio for each subject holds evidence of mastery for each unit. This year it is required that teachers construct a method to record evidence in Moodle. Your Moodle should show how you are recording the evidence on Moodle (quizzes, rubrics, final writing submissions or other assessments). Any rationale for issuing the final grade is what we are looking for.

    KEYS: Make sure you turn in your room keys to Eather or Wei-Wei.

    ROOM CHECKS : Your room has been checked out by a DI.

    GRADES UPLOADED: All grades should be uploaded by June 11th - 8:30 AM. This is the last upload for official reports. This is important for students who are leaving. (Other uploads can will not be in enough time to get stamped reports for families who are leaving. Tell students who are laving that work needs to be complete by this date).

    GRADE SIGNATURES: Eather and Wei-Wei will have final grade sheets printed up by June 12th in PM. You will need to pick up, proof and sign the final grades by June 13th. Turn in the grade report back to DI assistant with your signature. You can mark corrections and make notes as needed. DI assistant will make corrections in program for you. This last copy will be the school's paper copy to settle any possible parental concerns with electronic on grades.

    F&P and WBA TESTING COMPLETED & RECORDED: For the teachers who complete F&P testing, please complete and record. All F&P and WBA scores recorded in portal on each student dashboard. DUE: May 29th.

    F&P Testing Boxes: Return F&P boxes to library to have checked into circulation. Boxes will be stored in IE coordinator office by the librarian. DUE: June 1st.

    TEACHER PORTFOLIO - STANDARDS: Make sure you have your standards in the teaching portfolio updated with examples and facts. DUE - MAY 18th.

    SUMMATIVE REVIEW (If you had a formal evaluation): Make sure you close the formal evaluation component in portal. In addition, make sure you complete the summative evaluation component in portal. This is where you reflect in narrative format on each standard. This goes beyond listing the facts for standards. Explain how you contribute, how you grew, and how it benefited school/students. It is also OK to list some struggles...taking a risk and something not working out is valuable. My biggest advice on this not be shy and brag about yourself. FYI - when you decide to depart QSI...I pull this document up to jog my memory for writing a letter of recommendation. DUE - MAY 18th.

    2018-19 COLLABORATIVE GOAL: Complete goal and upload in the assignment below. Have completed before you sign out during last week of school.

    2018-19 STUDENT GROWTH GOAL: Complete goal and upload in the assignment below. Have completed before you sign out during last week of school.

    EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING WEEK PLAN: If leading a local or overseas experiential activity, make sure you have your trip submitted and confirmed by May 15th.

    EXTRA-CURRICULAR ACTIVITY SIGN UPS: Check the extra-curricula sheet to make sure are signed up to support enough student activities. May 20th is due date. Make sure to talk with the AD to verify coaching.

    COMMITTEE: Check  the committee sign up list to make sure you signed up for a committee for the following year. The link is in the 2018-2019 document section in the maincomhub.

    FOOD OR TEAM BUILDING: Make sure your age level or division has selected if you will be bringing food for an all staff meeting or running a team building activity. 

    12/13 AWARDS CEREMONY:12-13 year old teachers, you have the ability to hand out a total of 6 awards maximum (try to spread the swards out across several periods). The types of awards you can give out are either Academic Excellence (noting great work in subject area) or Academic Pursuit (a hard-working student who enjoys subject area). Please fill in your awards by May 18th in the spreadsheet. You are not required to give an award. A list of who will be presenting will be created. To speed the awards up, the person who gives out the awards introduces the next person. May 18th deadline is firm. The award presentation is June 14th (not the 12th as calendar indicated - it is changed to 14th). Upload the names on the link below.

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